September 2008

We are excited to offer a new option to all of you mothers nursing toddlers. We are creating a new Group, the Indianapolis Toddler Group, which will be a place to gather and support other mothers of nursing toddlers and older children. It is open to any woman who is interested in nursing a toddler, no matter what age your nursling is.

The first meeting will be held this Friday, September 19 at the First Mennonite Church (46th and Knollton Road) at 9:30 a.m. MAP. We will hold meetings there the third Friday of every month.

Some Toddler Meeting Topics Include:

The Advantages of Nursing a Toddler

What’s in it for mother? Dealing with mother burnout and finding time for yourself; tricks of the trade; setting priorities in nursing a toddler; advantages during an illness; communicating with a toddler; how toddlers assert their independence; and building the toddler’s self-esteem.

The Family and the Nursing Toddler

Finding time for everyone; sibling relationships; tandem nursing; sleep habits of a typical toddler; the family bed; fathering; father’s and siblings’ feelings about a nursing toddler; and toddler safety.

Challenges of Nursing a Toddler

Nursing patterns–what’s “normal”; how needs and wants change; setting limits on nursing or continuing nursing on demand; special situations–restaurants, church, traveling; using a code word for nursing; appropriate activities for toddlers; separation anxiety; potty training; loving guidance and how to shape behavior; temper tantrums.

The Nutrition and Weaning of a Nursing Toddler

Toddlers’ nutritional needs; eating habits; snacks; mealtimes; how long should I nurse? the weaning process; how to handle pressure to wean.

For more information, please visit the Indianapolis Toddler Group website or contact one of the Indianapolis Toddler Group Leaders.

We hope that you stop by to check out the toddler meetings and see if they are for you!


The Indianapolis Toddler Group Leaders

Sara, Marie, Natalie, and Cassidy


The LLL Family Picnic is coming up this Saturday, September 13 from 11 to 1:00 at Broad Ripple Park. This is such beautiful weather — it’ll be a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and catch up with friends old and new. There will be games for the children and a lot of fun.

Please bring a dish to share. Utensils provided. We’ll be in one of the picnic shelters.

$5 -$10 donation per family recommended (picnic shelters are not cheap)