Good luck to our nursing/pumping mothers!  Below are some of the resources about working and pumping that we discussed at our  meeting today.  I hope some of them are helpful!

  • Brochure you can share with your employer summarizing Indiana Breastfeeding Laws what they need to do to accomodate you.  A great reference sheet to give to your employer, along with your request for when/where you plan to pump.  The Indiana Perinatal Network also has a “Lactation in the workplace” door hanger that you can order from their store to hang on your door while you’re pumping.
  • But how do I know how often I need to pump/how long I’m going to pump/etc?  The website has lots of helpful info about the logistics of breastfeeding. Make sure to read the part about Managing Your Freezer Stash — It is a must read for keeping up your milk supply.
  • Bottle-feeding as a tool to Reinforce breastfeeding
  • Our earlier post How to Pump More Milk (links to info about pumping & hand expressing)
  • Emotional Issues — How will my baby feel when I leave?  Will my baby miss me?  How will I handle being away from my baby?  Nursing Mother, Working Mother and Hirakani’s Daughters are two helpful books. Nursing Mother, Working Mother is more of a how-to, and Hirakani’s Daughters is a book of inspirational stories of nursing, working mothers.   Our Group meetings are a great place to come and talk about your feelings about working and nursing.  If you can’ t make it to our meetings, you might try the Castleton LLL Group, which meets at nights, and is home to lots of working/nursing mothers.