Good news!  Our magazine New Beginnings is now available to the public for free!  If you have not read it yet, it’s worth taking a look at it. There are tons of great articles on a variety of breastfeeding- and mothering-related subjects, ranging from the technical (“Body Modification and Breastfeeding”) to the more philosophical (“Normalizing Breastfeeding”).  The heart of every issue is a collection of mothers’ stories of breastfeeding and motherhood, some jubilant, some heart-rending, but all filled with mothers’  love for their babies.  The New Beginnings editors are always on the look-out for more mothers’ stories.  If you like to write, please consider sharing your story.  You can email your story and photos to

To read New Beginnings online, just click on the cover of the magazine you’d like to read.  If you have a fast connection, you should see the magazine pop up on your screen in a few seconds in a very nice PDF viewer.  Unfortunately, if you have a dial-up, you may have troubles reading the online issues of New Beginnings because they are such large files.

Here are our four most recent issues:

Issue 2, 2009

Articles in Issue 2:

Learning to be “Motherful”

Active Toddlers’ Eating Habits

Breastfeeding: Instinct or Instruction?

Father Figures!

Issue 3, 1009

Articles in Issue 3:

Responding to Babies’ Tears

Holiday Weaning

Breasts Without Embarrassment

But I want to play, too!

Body Piercing, forums, fussy babies1

Issue 4, 2009

Articles in Issue 4:

Body Modification and Breastfeeding: What you need to Know

The Beauty of Motherhood

Mother-to-Mother Forums: A Mothers’ Online Community

Tricks for Keeping your cool

Reclaiming the Art of Breastfeeding

Issue 5-6, 2009

Articles in Issue 5-6:

Putting the “Public” Back in “Breastfeeding”

Twin Nurslings

Breastfeeding with Hyperthyroidism

Back to the Breast

Breastfeeding in the Hospital

Using Nipple Shields

When Others Criticize

Avoiding Dental Caries

Normalizing Breastfeeding