June 2010

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is interested in learning about your experience with infant formula marketing.  Please take this survey if you have had a baby or adopted an infant in the last four years.



The latest issue of La Leche League’s free online magazine New Beginnings is here.  Click on the image below to read it online.  It is a PDF, so if you have a slow connection, you may have to be patient.

New Beginnings Cover Issue 2 2010


The Chemistry of Bonding

Making Breastfeeding my Journey

Baby Wearing

A Juggling Act

Keeping it Simple

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Here are two interesting articles on how culture interacts with breastfeeding.

  1. What does feminism have to do with breastfeeding? [Thoughtful analysis of breastfeeding and work]
  2. Saudi Clerics Advocate Breastfeeding Adult Men

You just never know what you’re going to get off the news feeder.

Here is a great article:

50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

Some of the 50 reasons:

2. Telling a woman to cover up or to strip down is a tactic used to control women.

4. Child’s right to eat. Period.

5. Child’s right to eat without a blanket over their head.

6. Child’s right to eat under sanitary conditions (i.e. not in a washroom).

12. Because babies often will not allow you to put a blanket or nursing cover over them and will push it off.

13. Because it is hard enough as it is for new moms to get their baby latched on properly, without having to worry about whether they are covering every inch of skin all of the time while doing so.

14. So that mothers can toss a diaper and some wipes in their bag and then go out, rather than being weighted down by having to prepare and lug around a huge diaper bag full of bottles, formula and/or pumped milk on ice, nursing covers, etc

22. So that breastfeeding moms do not need to leave their companions hanging in the middle of an interesting conversation by saying “excuse me while I go into the other room to nurse for 30 minutes.”

What are your favorite reasons for nursing in public?  Please discuss at our Facebook site:  La Leche League of Broad Ripple on Facebook.