Our enrichment meetings are a place to relax with our children, enjoy food, and get to know each other better.

Dates:  The third Friday of every month.

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Location: Bethlehem Lutheran Church (52nd & Central in the basement nursery).  Our warm weather location is Canterbury Park at 5511 N. Carvel.   If the weather could go either way, please check the Yahoo group for updates.

Topics: At each enrichment meeting, we discuss a topic beyond the basics of breastfeeding, such as nursing a toddler, gentle discipline, spacing your children, finding time for yourself, nighttime parenting, and more.

Please bring a snack to share.

2010 Enrichment Meeting Dates & Topics

  • Friday, January 15 [Birth Stories]
  • Friday, February 19 [Postpartum Depresssion]
  • Friday, March 19 [Developing your Mothering Philosophy]
  • Friday, April 16 [Evaluation Meeting — Improving our Group,  Breastfeeding Advocacy & More]
  • Friday, May 14 [Fun Activities for Kids]
  • Friday, June 18 [Gentle Discipline & Toddler Topics]
  • Friday, July 16
  • Friday, August 20
  • Friday, September 17
  • Friday, October 15
  • Friday, November 19
  • Friday, December 17

Hope to see you at the next meeting!

We are thankful to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church for providing us a meeting space. La Leche League is a non-sectarian organization and is not affiliated with any religious denomination.


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